INHSU 2018: Shaping the Future of Hepatitis Care for Substance Users


Navigating the Layers of INHSU 2018: My Personal Take

Hey there, friends! If you’d have asked me a couple of years ago if I’d be diving deep into such a specialized field, I might’ve given you a skeptical eyebrow raise. But life has a funny way of teaching us, right? So, let me give you a friendly, first-person lowdown on my time at the 7th International Symposium on Hepatitis Care in Substance Users (INHSU 2018).

Stepping Into Uncharted Waters

The moment I walked into the symposium venue, I felt it – a mix of anticipation, a touch of nervousness, and above all, raw, unfiltered excitement. The air was thick with the buzz of conversation, of professionals from varied walks of life coming together over a common cause.

Why This Symposium Matters

You might be wondering, why mix hepatitis care with substance use? Here’s the deal:

  • Staggering Statistics: Substance users, especially those on injectables, often find themselves at crosshairs with hepatitis due to shared needles.

  • Beyond the Stereotypes: It’s easy to label and box people, but substance users face a brunt of societal judgment which can often hinder their healthcare access.

Conversations that Stirred Me

Among the flurry of technical sessions, charts, and stats, it was the personal stories that truly resonated:

  • Dr. Mallory’s Talk: This physician from New Zealand shared a moving account of a patient’s battle against Hepatitis C while grappling with substance abuse.

  • A Coffee Break Chat with Sam: Sam, a researcher from Brazil, spoke candidly about his brother’s fight against addiction and the associated medical challenges. This wasn’t just a clinical issue for him—it was personal.

Unpacking the Big Sessions

A couple of sessions genuinely made me sit up and take notes:

  • “Strategies for Hepatitis C Elimination in Drug Users”: This wasn’t just a talk, but a mission statement for many attending. The focus was on early diagnosis and the power of intervention.

  • “Interlinking Liver Care and Substance Use Treatment”: The key takeaway? We need holistic healthcare approaches, folks!

In Retrospect: Lessons and Memories

So, what am I taking away from INHSU 2018?

  1. Awareness is Half the Battle Won: We need to scream it from the rooftops—Hepatitis can be prevented, and early intervention can work wonders.

  2. No One’s An Island: Collaboration is the way forward. Hepatologists, rehab counselors, and even policymakers need to be on the same page.

  3. Break the Mold: Stereotypes help no one. As a community, we need to approach this issue with more heart and less judgment.

Wrapping Up

The symposium wasn’t just about absorbing information; it was about connecting dots, understanding stories, and hoping for a better, more informed tomorrow. It’s one thing to read about issues in textbooks, but hearing firsthand accounts? That’s an education you can’t put a price on. Until next time, stay curious and compassionate!