Collagen Complex

Hey folks! Anthony Netherton here. Now, before you wonder if I’ve switched from my techie talks to beauty blogging, let me put things into context. I’ve never been one to obsess over skincare products. But life, with its ironic twists, introduced me to VitaPost’s Collagen Complex, and well, things haven’t been the same since.

The First Brush: Why Did I Even Go There?

Browsing one evening (don’t ask why), I stumbled upon this product. Priced at just $19.80 a bottle, my skeptical self thought, “Eh, why not?”

What’s the Big Deal with Collagen Anyway?

For those of you out of the loop:

  • Skin’s BFF: Collagen is like that behind-the-scenes crew in a movie – integral but often overlooked. It’s a protein that keeps our skin firm and youthful.

  • Age, The Thief: As years add up, collagen production dips. Cue: wrinkles, fine lines, and the dreaded saggy skin.

  • Enter Supplements: While our body makes collagen, it doesn’t hurt to give it a little external push, right?

But here’s the catch: Not all collagen drinks or pills deliver what they promise. So, did VitaPost make the cut?

A Month Into The ‘Collagen Diet’

  • Week 1: If you’re thinking I turned into Chris Hemsworth overnight, hold your horses. But, there was this subtle… freshness to my face.

  • Week 2: Got my first compliment from my sister, who’s my harshest critic. My skin felt good – plumper, if that makes sense.

  • Week 3: My ‘thought-lines’ on the forehead? Less noticeable. I swear I’m not making this up.

  • Week 4: I felt… rejuvenated? Not just skin-wise. There was this overall sense of well-being.

Pros, Cons, The Whole Shebang


  1. Doesn’t Break the Bank: Honestly, $19.80 for noticeable changes? I’ve spent more on tech gadgets that fizzled out in days.

  2. Clean List of Ingredients: No chemical jargon. Just the good stuff.


  • Okay, I hate admitting it, but there weren’t any real cons.

Would I Do It Again?

In a heartbeat. Heck, I’m already on my second bottle.

The Bottom Line

I went in with a boatload of skepticism and came out, well, pleasantly surprised. If you’re on the fence about trying a collagen supplement, give VitaPost’s Collagen Complex a shot. Worst-case scenario? You’re out 20 bucks. Best case? You get a rejuvenated version of yourself.

Stay curious,
Anthony Netherton