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Anthony Netherton

anthony nethertonHey there! It’s me, Anthony Netherton. Pull up a chair, grab a cuppa, and let me share a bit of my journey with you. Sometimes, it feels like a whirlwind and other times, just a breezy walk down memory lane. 🚶‍♂️

So, let’s rewind a bit. I’m a proud alum of Harvard (Yeah, that’s right, the big H!). Campus life was surreal, the brick walls echoing with tales of centuries, inspiring me to make my own mark. However, if I’m being honest, while Harvard might have sharpened my brain, my heart was already set on what I wanted to do.

2005 was the year when I dipped my toes into the online world. Oh boy! It was like the wild west back then, full of opportunities and chaos in equal measure. eBay, Yahoo, dial-up modems – that’s where I began. Myspace was the cool kid, and Facebook was just entering the scene. Navigating the online waters, I learned the ropes, and man, did I love it!

Fast forward a few more swipes on life’s timeline, and here I am, the CEO of Now, why this gig, you ask? Here’s the thing – I’ve always believed in health being a right and not a privilege. Everyone should have access to good health and wellness, and money shouldn’t be the barrier. And so, with a sprinkle of my online expertise and a whole lot of passion, was born. We’re all about providing quality generic medications and supplements without emptying your pockets. Trust me; I’ve been at this game long enough to know the real deal from the fakes.

Some folks ask me, “Anthony, why the focus on homeopathy and generics?” The answer’s simple: everyone deserves quality without the brand name markup. Plus, I’ve seen firsthand the benefits these products bring, minus the side effects of their pricier counterparts.

When I’m not engrossed in the world of homeopathy and making healthcare accessible to all, you’ll find me chilling at a local jazz bar, tapping my feet to some classic tunes, or buried deep in a sci-fi novel. My mantra’s always been work hard and chill harder.

Oh, and a small piece of advice before I wrap up this little tale of mine – always follow your heart, even if it leads you to an unknown digital domain. Look at where it got me!

So next time you pop a pill from or even just browse through, remember there’s a story and a whole lot of heart behind it. Cheers to health, happiness, and the wild, wild web!

Catch ya later, Anthony.