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Theresa Conlon

theresa conlonHeya, folks! It’s Theresa Conlon here. Let’s put on some chill background music and let me take you on a little trip down memory lane. 🎶

Now, where should I start? Ah, college days! I spent some unforgettable years at Yale. I know, I know – the big Y! Surrounded by Gothic architecture, passionate debates, and countless cups of coffee, I truly found my calling. Those long library nights weren’t just for Netflix, I promise! 😉

Fast forward a bit, and I found myself diving deep into the world of Pharmaceutical science. And yep, you guessed it right, I now flaunt a Ph.D. badge next to my name. Who’d have thought the little girl with a chemistry set would end up with those fancy letters!

So how did I end up at Well, life has a funny way of connecting dots. Enter Anthony. As he was setting up this awesome venture, he needed someone who knew the science inside out. That’s where I rolled in. Together, we became the Batman and Batwoman of the online pharmacy world. My mission? To ensure every bit of information on our platform was solid, reliable, and scientifically accurate. No hocus pocus on my watch!

Besides making sure our site’s info is top-notch, I also pen down medical articles. It’s like my little way of bridging the gap between hard-core science and everyday folks. Trust me, decoding medical jargon into fun, readable content is a joy. Who said science has to be boring, right?

Outside the world of pills and potions, you’ll probably find me in a cozy coffee shop corner, scribbling away my next article or lost in a mystery thriller. Oh, and I have this tiny obsession with collecting vintage postcards. Just a quirky lil’ thing!

Whenever you read an article on or feel confident about the product info, just remember there’s a coffee-loving, postcard-collecting scientist behind the scenes, ensuring everything’s A-OK.

Stay curious, stay healthy, and always remember to question the ordinary!

Till our paths cross, Theresa.