Healthy Kansans 2020

Alright, Kansas folks! Ever had one of those New Year resolutions about getting healthier but by February you’ve… kinda forgotten? We’ve all been there. But, what if I told you there’s a plan, a big one, that’s like the mother of all health resolutions? Grab your cup of Joe, and let’s chat about Healthy Kansas 2020.

What’s the Big Deal?

Okay, so here’s the scoop. Kansas said, “Let’s not wait for a health crisis. Let’s be proactive and set up a roadmap to make our state super healthy!” Thus, Healthy Kansas 2020 was born. It’s not some bureaucratic mumbo-jumbo; it’s about real folks and their well-being.

Breaking Down the Goals

Let’s dive into what this all means:

  • Total Health: It’s not just muscles and bones; we’re talking mind, soul, and body.
  • Everyone Counts: No matter if you’re in a city condo or a farm out in the boonies, quality healthcare is for all.
  • Flip the Script: Instead of running after illnesses, why not prevent them? Yup, prevention over cure!

Areas Getting the Love

  • Eat Right: Not saying no to BBQs, but adding more greens, reds (hello, tomatoes!), and maybe some purples?
  • Get Moving: Whether it’s dancing to country music, walking the dog, or chasing after the kids.
  • Mind Matters: Providing resources, helplines, and above all, understanding and compassion for mental health.
  • Bye-bye Tobacco: We’re making it cool not to smoke. Trust me, your lungs will thank you.

Your Role in This

Kansas isn’t just land; it’s people – it’s us. Healthy Kansas 2020 isn’t a solo gig; it’s a band. How can you play a part?

  • Fun Health Days: How about a neighborhood yoga day? Or a veggie potluck?
  • Knowledge is Power: Maybe host a health trivia night? Winner gets… a basket of fresh veggies?
  • Lend an Ear: Sometimes, folks just need someone to talk to. Be there.

Roadblocks? Yep, We Got ‘Em

Every ambitious plan has its hiccups:

  • Money Talks: Funding’s always a pickle. It determines what gets done and how.
  • Spreading the Word: The challenge? Making sure everyone knows and joins the party.
  • Old Habits: It’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks. But, we can try!

So, Why Jump on the Bandwagon?

Imagine a Kansas where everyone wakes up feeling good, mentally and physically. Schools, offices, homes, all buzzing with energy. That’s the dream! And you, yes you, play a part in it.

Wrapping it Up

So there we have it, the lowdown on Healthy Kansas 2020. With some grit, determination, and community spirit, there’s no stopping us. Let’s roll up our sleeves and make Kansas not just the sunflower state but the super-healthy state!

Till next time, stay healthy, Kansas! 🌻🌾