Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

How do treatments for erection problems work?

Treatments for erectile dysfunction aim to make it easier to get and keep erections to enable sexual fulfillment.

Oral treatments

Oral treatments are based on 4 molecules: sildenafil, tadalafil, vardenafil and avanafil, which act by relaxing the smooth muscles of the corpora cavernosa, which increases the blood flow leading to erection.

These treatments because of their effectiveness and ease of use are generally recommended as first-line treatment. Our medical team can prescribe them online.

Local treatments

Local treatments (cream to apply or injection) are based on a molecule: alprostadil. They are preferred in case of contraindications to PDE5 inhibitors.

Namely: these drugs are intended to facilitate erection, they only act as a result of sexual stimulation (foreplay, caresses of the erogenous zones) but are not intended to cause an erection.

What are the PDE5 inhibitors prescribed in the USA?

PDE5 inhibitors are a family of medications recommended as first-line treatment for erectile dysfunction.

The PDE5 inhibitors prescribed in the USA are:

  • Viagra® (active ingredient: sildenafil)
  • Cialis® (active ingredient: tadalafil)
  • Levitra® (active ingredient: vardenafil)
  • Spedra® (active ingredient: avanafil)

What should I know about treatments for erection problems?

Risks and contraindications

These drugs should not be combined with nitrates, generally prescribed for angina pectoris.

If you have a history of cardiovascular disease, priapism (persistent erections) or if you are taking alpha-blockers, it is important to report this to our doctor so that the treatment can be adapted.

These drugs should not be taken if you have a contraindication for sexual intercourse.

Side effects

Adverse effects are possible. The most common are usually of low intensity, such as: headaches, dizziness, palpitations, back pain or altered color vision.

Can you buy erectile dysfunction treatment without a prescription?

Yes, generic treatments are sold in pharmacies with no medical prescription.

Are treatments for erectile dysfunction reimbursed?

No, these drugs are not covered by health insurance.

How much do erectile dysfunction treatments cost?

The price of these drugs is set freely by pharmacies, which means that it varies from one pharmacy to another. However, generics are generally less expensive.

Can you buy erectile dysfunction treatment online?

As the online sale of prescription drugs is prohibited in the USA we can only advise you to be very wary of any website that offers these treatments over the counter at competitive prices. There is no guarantee of the authenticity or the composition of the drug and counterfeiting constitutes a real health risk.

Are there alternative treatments?

Yes, there are other alternatives for erectile dysfunction.

Drug treatments: testosterone (in case of proven testosterone deficiency) or alprostadil (by intra-cavernous injections).
Mechanical devices: penis pump, penile implant, reinforcement of the perineum.
Therapy and implementation of lifestyle changes may be indicated.
Natural aphrodisiacs.