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Homeopathy – Labeling Freedoms & Manufacturing Responsibilities

The Natural Pharmacy West Conference hosted a presentation on Homeopathy – the only natural Drugs by Eric Foxman, a pharmacist, in Palm Springs, CA. Foxman, the Secretary of the American Association of Homeopathic Pharmacists (A.A.H.P.), presented an overview of the unique status of homeopathic drug products to more than 125 pharmacists in attendance.

“Homeopathic products are regulated by federal law as drugs,” explained Foxman. “This means both freedom and responsibility for the manufacturer. Unlike dietary supplements, homeopathic drugs are free to provide consumers with clear directions for use for specific illnesses. With such clear information and this knowledge at hand, consumers can make informed choices, without resorting to other sources of information – which are often misleading or confusing.”

Foxman went on to explain there is an official book providing manufacturing directions and quality standards for these products – the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States. “No other complementary therapy has a resource and guide book recognized by the Food and Drug Administration, so pharmacists and consumers can’t be sure if one company’s product is the same as another’s.”

What responsibilities do manufacturers of homeopathic products have? “They must comply with all federal requirements for inspection, documentation and clear labeling regulations. Why all this emphasis?” asked Foxman. “For all drug manufacturers, the intentions of the rules are the same: to provide basic assurance to pharmacists, doctors and their patients that homeopathic products are well manufactured and properly labeled. Members of the A.A.H.P. are committed to meeting exacting standards.”

After providing a brief history of homeopathy in this country, the presentation gave pharmacists a summary of the regulations which govern the manufacture, distribution and sale of homeopathic drugs. The public views pharmacists as knowledgeable sources for complementary medicines. With an overall understanding of the framework in which these products are available, pharmacists can better serve their clients.

The presentation on Homeopathy – the only natural Drugs was enthusiastically received by the audience. The 125 pharmacists in attendance came from throughout the United States to hear presentations on a variety of complementary therapies.

In addition to the presentation topic, the audience was keenly interested in the A.A.H.P. Continuing Education Course entitled: An Introduction to Modern Concepts of Homeopathic Pharmacy. The course is available from members of the A.A.H.P. For more information on the Continuing Education Course or the activities of the American Association of Homeopathic Pharmacist, contact the message center by phone or fax at 1-800-478-0421.